Aicón Activities

  1. Training: in-house training, executive training
  2. Consultation: regular / executive coaching
  3. Economic, social and environmental research
  4. Writing whitepaper book CSR
  5. Social mapping and stakeholder analysis
  6. Preparation of roadmap or blueprint aspects of corporate sustainability
  7. Study of corporate impact evaluation and impact of community empowerment program
  8. Adoption of ISO26000
  9. Verify ISO26000
  10. Development of management module
  11. Preparation of annual reports, sustainability reports, or integrated reports, including:
    • Report analysis
    • Internal training
    • Materiality Test
    • Writing
    • Graphic design
    • Translations into English
  12. Assurance (evaluation) Sustainability report or integrated report, in collaboration with SR Asia:
    • AA1000APS 2008 and AA1000AS 2008 based
    • GRI-based Standards
    • Issuance of "Independent Assurance Statement"