Our Services

Aicón offers inclusive solutions that meet with the clients’ needs and address particular phases where their organizations strive to adopt social responsibility and sustainability concept, principles, guidelines, and best practices.

Aicon Learn

We provide training, workshop, seminar, and capacity building programs for the clients who want to improve their knowledge and expertise in managing social responsibility or sustainable development issues. Through Aicón Learn, we convey basic or specific learning topics on sustainability, with comprehensive or partial subjects, in classes or outdoors.

Aicon Research

Data and information acquisition services are needed for strategic implementation of social responsibility or sustainable development principles at different stages. Under Aicón Research, we perform assessment, evaluation, analysis, study, and mapping services to assist the clients in creating strategy or innovation towards social responsibility or sustainable development; and also in measuring achievements and impacts from the initiatives.

Aicon Coach

The main objective of this type of service is to assist the clients in developing and managing various initiatives effectively and efficiently. Aicón Coach comprises the consulting, mentoring, executive search, and facilitation activities in planning, implementing, and integrating social responsibility or sustainable development initiatives in the organization. That includes consultancy on CSR policy, strategy, blueprint, and roadmap development.

Aicon Communication

The clients need favorable communication strategies in promoting social responsibility or sustainability performance, and also in maintaining good relationships with stakeholders. Good communication is needed to gain bigger support or stimulate stakeholder engagement in conducting social responsibility or sustainability initiatives. Aicón Communication is designated to support the clients in presenting various issues and performance to the stakeholders and the wider community groups through annual reporting, sustainability reporting, and integrated reporting, or other communication means (e.g. CSR book and publication, internal magazine, awarding, PROPER, and event).

Aicon Tools

At certain levels, the clients need to develop their own models, systems, methods, and tools to systemize and leverage the adoption of social responsibility or sustainable development principles. Understanding the needs, Aicón Tools is a type of service that is designed to assist the clients in developing models, systems, methods, and tools for addressing social responsibility or sustainable development issues. In delivering this service, we consider the organization’s needs, strategies, and sustainability context, as well as its industry characteristics.

Integrated Services

Aicón services are integrated and designated to enable the clients leveraging their sustainability initiatives, and also improving sustainability performance by strengthening and aligning sustainability commitments, strategies, and practices into their daily business activities. In relation to that, our activities are designed to meet the needs and sustainability context of the clients.


Some of the activities are: 

  • Regular consultation
  • Executive coaching
  • In-housed education series or in-house training
  • Executive training
  • Public training
  • E-learning
  • Economic, environmental, social, and governance research
  • CSR whitepaper book drafting and publishing
  • Vision and mission alignment toward sustainability
  • Corporate sustainability strategy, roadmap, and blueprint development
  • Social mapping and stakeholder analysis
  • Community development roadmap and blueprint development
  • Community development impact assessment
  • Community satisfaction index (CSI) analysis
  • Social return on investment (SROI) analysis
  • Adoption of ISO26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable finance implementation
  • Environmental and social risk management system
  • Environmental and social risk analysis
  • Sustainability management module development
  • Annual and/or sustainability report development, including report analysis, internal training, materiality test, drafting, graphic design, and translation
  • Digital content management on corporate reporting
  • SDGs mapping and assessment based on SDG Compass
  • Sustainable finance implementation as per POJK 51/2017 (Indonesia regulation)
  • PROPER reporting (Indonesia government program)