About Us.

Our Story

Aicon was founded on the shared ideas of its founders to promote and encourage business organizations in managing their sustainability context strategically. Its full operations began in the beginning of 2011 and became the starting point for Aicon to undergo its journey in sustainability and social responsibility consulting world.

Nowadays, Aicon has been becoming a prominent consulting firm whose members are the experts with 

adequate knowledge and skills in sustainability and social responsibility. Its ability to adopt the rapid changes in sustainability era enables Aicon to develop various methods and approaches on the implementation of strategic sustainability management in different industry sectors, ranging from extractive industry sectors up to energy, agriculture, manufacture, telecommunication, as well as financial service.

About Us

Founded at the end of 2010, PT Aicón Global Indonesia, or Aicón, has been supporting the clients in adopting sustainable development principles and managing their economic, social and environmental impacts.


Aicón has a vision to be a world-class company that encourages never ending implementation of sustainable development principles in a strategic and innovative way in business and other sectors, in order to achieve a better and sustainable Indonesia.


Aicón’s mission statements are to:

  1. Create innovative tools to apply the concept of sustainable development
  2. Encourage and facilitate strategic integration of the principles of sustainable development in various sectors
  3. Improve the ability of the actors in various sectors in terms of developing social capital in accordance with the objectives of sustainable development
  4. Broadly promoting the principles of sustainable development
  5. Develop internal capabilities of organization and individuals in the field of strategic management of sustainable development issues




Aicon is a member of the UN Global Compact Network Indonesia (Indonesia Global Compact Network / IGCN)) and has been engaged in some activities promoting the Ten Principles of UN Global Compact and also the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Aicón’s mission statements are to