Our people, the Aicóners, have the expertise and experiences working with corporations in various industry sectors, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, heavy equipment, construction, cement, transportation, fertilizer, palm oil, food and beverages, pulp and paper, as well as banking and financing.

About Us

Founded at the end of 2010, PT Aicón Global Indonesia, or Aicón, has been supporting the clients in adopting sustainable development principles and managing their economic, social and environmental impacts.


Aicón has a vision to be a world-class company that encourages never ending implementation of sustainable development principles in a strategic and innovative way in business and other sectors, in order to achieve a better and sustainable Indonesia.


Aicón’s mission statements are to:

  1. Create innovative tools to apply the concept of sustainable development
  2. Encourage and facilitate strategic integration of the principles of sustainable development in various sectors
  3. Improve the ability of the actors in various sectors in terms of developing social capital in accordance with the objectives of sustainable development
  4. Broadly promoting the principles of sustainable development
  5. Develop internal capabilities of organization and individuals in the field of strategic management of sustainable development issues

Comprehensive Learning

Aicón provides wide-ranging learning materials for professionals who engage in sustainability works and initiatives.

 Its education and training programs are designed to meet the clients’ needs and demands.

Introductory Learning

Increase early understanding and foundation about social responsibility and sustainability

Learning for Board & Executive Members

Highlight knowledge and skills development of the board and executive members on social responsibility and sustainability

Industrial-Sector Learning

Programs based on particular industry sector, which emphasizes its characteristics and sustainability context

Specific-Topic Learning

Focus on certain topics addressing the clients’ needs and interests on particular principles, standards, guidelines, issues, or regulations.

Integrated Services

Aicón services are integrated and designated to enable the clients leveraging their sustainability initiatives, and also improving sustainability performance by strengthening and aligning sustainability commitments, strategies, and practices into their daily business activities. In relation to that, our activities are designed to meet the needs and sustainability context of the clients.

Some of the activities are: 

  • Regular consultation
  • Executive coaching
  • In-housed education series or in-house training
  • Executive training
  • Public training
  • E-learning
  • Economic, environmental, social, and governance research
  • CSR whitepaper book drafting and publishing
  • Vision and mission alignment toward sustainability
  • Corporate sustainability strategy, roadmap, and blueprint development
  • Social mapping and stakeholder analysis
  • Community development roadmap and blueprint development
  • Community development impact assessment
  • Community satisfaction index (CSI) analysis
  • Social return on investment (SROI) analysis
  • Adoption of ISO26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable finance implementation
  • Environmental and social risk management system
  • Environmental and social risk analysis
  • Sustainability management module development
  • Annual and/or sustainability report development, including report analysis, internal training, materiality test, drafting, graphic design, and translation
  • Digital content management on corporate reporting
  • SDGs mapping and assessment based on SDG Compass
  • Sustainable finance implementation as per POJK 51/2017 (Indonesia regulation)
  • PROPER reporting (Indonesia government program)

Your Pathway To Sustainability

10+ Years of Experience

Aicón has taken part in the journey of sustainability in Indonesia. With years of experience and networks, Aicón provides the right directions to the clients’ in embedding sustainability in their organizations.

Strategic Approach

Aicón emphasizes strategic approaches in promoting sustainability to the clients. Becoming socially responsible is to balance both sustainability commitments and business purposes toward a more efficient, effective, and competitive organization.

Sustainability Context

Aicón is considered as a self-learning organization that always identifies sustainability context of the clients in providing its services. That is essential for Aicón in delivering values to the clients in embracing the journey toward sustainability.